Monday, June 8, 2009

Almost there - maybe

8 June

Week 38

Woah!! it surely has been a long time since i posted an update! I've been so involved with spending time with ME and then Ma and Pa. Yepp! Naanu-Naani have been here for 2 weeks :o) Having such a great time showing them around....thanks to you my lil pea for behaving yourself and taking a back seat while i've been taking them around. It really does seem like you've given me some extra time so i can aaaraam sey spend some quality time with them before you get here and rustle things up! Movements have changed and range from small wiggles to big nudges...the head remains in position to launch ;o)

Doc appointments have been weekly and all baby measurements and scans are perfect...just little bit of water retention in my hands every morning, which sort of eases out during the day. Pregs, my doc did tease me last time saying that the "flavour of the month" seems to be induction, as he'd already induced about 4-5 first time i might go the same way! Well! if i do go over...Dad 2 B is going to be thrilled as then he'll get to share his star sign with his baby frankly i don't mind that either!

Until next time its - wait and watch -

Friday, May 8, 2009

Chubby Hubby = Chubby Bubby

8 May 2009

Week 35

So i FINALLY started with my long long maternity leave away from work. It was something i had really been looking forward to as waking up early and getting to work on time was becoming a very daunting task. So i had a nice farewell at work, stretched over a period of 3 was showered with lots of presents for baby and ME. By the end of my last day @ work i was actually feeling a little low about leaving after all...
Been home this week, trying to figure out the things i need to take care of before Chottu Singh gets out into the bigger world...but so far have just been bumming around and sleeping loads. I've sort of started to accept the fact that i can't do so many things in the time i used to...mind is always preoccupied with "stuff" and my body gets tired so quick! So i've stopped fighting with myself and now sit down and breathe whenever my body says "you've done enough!" I'd gone out a couple of days back for a leisure walk around the farmers market to buy some fresh food...enjoyed doing things at a laid back pace and not scurrying through as i usually do. Loving all the attention people give you once you have a belly as round and big as mine :o)

Also had my Docs appt earlier this week...he did another quick scan to check baby's size etc. Allz well...and he particularly mentioned that the baby is a Chubby one :o) So i'm happy and anxious at the same time...i want a cutey chubby baby but it'll be me who'll have to do all the hard work very soon! My tummy feels so it can't grow any further, but amazingly it still manages to - everytime!

Prev and i have our Childbirth classes we'll get equipped with all the howz and whyz and what to do during Labour etc....will get equipped just in case we've gotta deliver the baby on our own...GOSH!!!

40 Days to go...

Monday, April 27, 2009

...still growing!

27 April

Week 33

I had my 32nd week scan and docs appointment last week on 21st April. Everything went well; naughty little one had its foot in its mouth and was moving around big time! Even the sonographer had a nice time laughing looking at the movements. She measured and checked all that was required and it turns out that our baby has slightly larger head than…just like his dad when he was little. I’m keeping my fingers crossed coz it’ll be me trying to push the Big head out :o) Baby’s estimated weight right now is about 1.9 kilos…so obviously therez still some growing to do. My belly is getting really huge and even more active now, the kicking and turning is so strong…and I’m now conveniently wearing hubby’s comfy PJ’s at home…hummm…I think I should try his denims too!
I’ve come to that stage that people look at my belly and offer me their seats on the tram or just give me way on the I’ve been getting such contradictory opinions on the size of my belly! My gay hairdresser thinks….m gonna “pop” anytime and I’m carrying twins…while a colleague at work says that I haven’t got a big belly yet! Well! me thinks this is as BIG as it should get…honestly I’m now getting a wee bit tired of carrying the extra weight around and my leg cramps are coming back these days. Nights are a little tiresome too since I wake up several times to pee…bladder getting all squished up with the increasing size of the baby….sometimes its just hard to fall back to sleep as I get anxious about the final stage! It’s not all that hard though…it’s my last week at work and I’m really looking forward to having some time to myself doing things I haven’t had time to do in a long time and then spending some time with soon to be Naana-Naani. I’m still enjoying the process and looking forward to life taking a complete turn!

51 days to go…

Friday, April 17, 2009

Showers of blessings!

17 April (woah! 2 calendar months 2 go!)

Week 32

Well! I meant to write an update a couple of days back but have just been extremely lazy. I know I’m excused…coz “I’m pregnant”…so here is a little tete-e-tete with our little Angel

Dear Little Pea,

You received your first round of blessings at our Baby Shower on Saturday, 11 April 2009. The party more or less a surprise was organised by your dear masis Shruti and Mattu, with lots of assistance from Rajat, Amaan and Junior. And they all did a wonderful job of it, everything was perfectly done – the invites, the decorations, and more importantly the FOOD. Shruti masi home cooked everything and it was delicious. Your mate Aarav was very supporting too and played with everyone without being uncomfy with having so many peole around. He is such a darling little naughty boy…and whether you’re a boy or a girl, I really hope you two get along well and not make things difficult for me and Yes, I’m sort of saying "you my little one, don’t really have a choice."
Mattu masi and Kiran naani sent you some real cute baby stuff and I’m trying not to look at it everyday! Have kept them safely wrapped so you can open them yourself when you’re here…don’t worry there will be lotsa volunteers to help you unwrap and get on with all your gifts. I wish we were the same…then I could wear some of the really cute ones before you popped out :o) But don’t you worry bachaaa…once you’re all grown up your mommie is going to be sharing your clothes (hopefully, if I don’t get too FAT).
We played lots of interesting games and Mattu and Sunny stayed online throughout joining in all the fun. Your dear dad gave my belly some serious competition with a balloon baby stuffed in his shirt! Even though, there was tussle for choosing the party favours – bookmarks handmade by Mattu, I manged to keep one for you too. You’ll find it in your baby book and make sure you pick up my reading habits and not dads :o) There are lots of nice messages for us three from everyone, awaiting you to read them!
Mattu masi even made a real nice video for everyone to watch…so I’ve finalised that she has to be Ms Raju Photographer for all your important events. And don’t worry we won’t take any pics of you being born, I know being my baby you would want to be clean and dressed up for the shot :o) After all first impressions matter!!
We all had such a good time and I’m sure you enjoyed everything on the table coz I made sure you got plenty of helpings :o)
Thanks Chottu Singh for bringing so much joy and excitement in our lives…I’m glowing and growing because of you!

Unconditional love
Your whole world…well! at least for now :o)

Friday, March 27, 2009

FINAL trimester already!!

27 March

Week 29

Feels like I haven’t written an update for ages….hummm..actually has been a month! Well! Off late I just sleep or daydream every time I get some free time :o) I’m totally loving being pregnant :o)
Been growing at a constant pace….about 8 kgs heavier than what I started off 6.5 mths ago….no wonder I need some assistance getting outta bed in the mornings!! At work I’ve got a new nickname – “waddler”, I just waddle now…can’t walk!
Had my doctor’s appointment yesterday, got to see our little one moving and kicking. All measurements are about right and the doctor said that it is very likely that I’ll go up till full term – 40 weeks or perhaps even slightly over. Results from my blood tests were also ready and to my relief blood sugar test was normal so no gestational diabetes (thank god! I would just go crazy sticking to a diet chart!) BUT my Haemoglobin levels are slightly low…so now I’ve got to jack up the iron intake. So Doc has put me onto added supplements. I guess the low Hb levels explain why lately I’ve been feeling so low in energy and sort of weak. Infact had quite a dizzy spell in the supermarket a few weeks back but was glad I wasn’t by myself. Hubby dear has stopped all my wandering out “alone” time and makes sure I have company every time I’m stepping out…well at least he tries (wink-wink).
Apart from that I’m trying to get as much rest as I can over the weekends as very soon I won’t have a routine of my own and will be dictated by the baby’s needs and wants! Both of us have also started to look at “things to buy” and researching and comparing etc….its a BIG overwhelming world of baby products and involves lotsa small but important decisions. Luckily for us, we’ve got Shruti…who has recently been here and done that :o) She is my “Baby Google”!
Also Ma-Pa’s travel plans are taking shape now…awaiting their visas and they should be here by mid-May…just can’t wait to have them over to pamper me ;o)

Next scan due in 3 weeks time…until then I’m just going to watch my tummy ripple!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Yummie Mummie

27 February 2009

Week 25

I had my doc's appointment yesterday and everything seems to be progressing well! To our surprise the doc did a scan and we got to see Chhotuu kicking around...and i could feel it at the same time as well this time around :o) Apparently the more active the baby is the better. So eventhough the movements 24-7 are not THAT thrilling anymore, i'm still glad to have them! Bee Pee-shee peee all good...belly growing round and round...have my blood sugar test in 3 weeks to check for gestational diabetes.

I've always been big on food but these days i'm either eating, planning what to eat or dreaming of i hope the golu-molu belly @ the moment is coz of a golu-molu baby inside and not just coz of all the yummie food i've been eating! I've put on a little over 3 Kilos in the last month and it sure looks more than that!
Saw a cute little baby gurl in a red n white frilly bummy frock with her mum in the park today at lunch time....can't wait to have my little one and go for long walks :o) Sweetheart whether you're a Girl or Boy...Mattu masi has decided that you'll have to wear a frock anyways!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Chhotuu Singh now lives in a BIG BUMP

Week 24

23 February 2009

The Sixth month has crept in and the “fluttering” has ceased and full-on “kicking” has started! I don’t know what Chhotuu Singh is doing in the little space inside but surely there is a lot of gymnastics going on in there! And yes, Chhotuu Singh is our current fav nickname for lil pea…and in no way does it indicate surety of the baby being a Singh and not a Kaur. I just think Chhotuu Singh is cuter than Chhotee Kaur :o)
It’s like our daily showtime routine…the movements are so pronounced now that you can see my belly move in all possible directions with all the nudging and the kicking inside…leave alone feeling it you can SEE it now. And it makes things even more exciting!
But strangely for the past few days I’ve been feeling a little low and anxious and hummmmm…just really bored with everything! Preggy hormones I blame. So this weekend I thought I’ll do a lot of reading and relaxing…started with my bible for these 9 moths – “What to expect when you’re expecting” and there it was on the beginning of the Sixth month page – “a feeling of being bored with your pregnancy” and “feeling anxious about the future”. Thanks God! And I was thinking I was being very unmotherly..hah!!
My Bump is getting bumpier with each passing day as our dear little baby is growing big cheeks…or so I hope. I get friends and colleagues rubbing my belly and talking about how I’m feeling, what I’m planning etc etc. I guess it’s hard for everyone not to mention the bump while having a conversation with me since my bump is so out there now!
Sleeping isn’t much of an issue yet but turning is…so I find myself sleeping in the same position all night at times. The occasional leg cramps are not pleasant early in the mornings…when I wake up screaming with pain and hubby dear –half asleep- starts to rub the wrong leg…lol…
And as far as cravings go...hummmmm…feels more like Prev is ahead of me in that department. Just yesterday he had a sudden craving for some Gelato right before dinner time…and ofcourse! Like a good wifey I took him out for some. After all we’re both pregnant and in this together...aren’t we?