Friday, May 8, 2009

Chubby Hubby = Chubby Bubby

8 May 2009

Week 35

So i FINALLY started with my long long maternity leave away from work. It was something i had really been looking forward to as waking up early and getting to work on time was becoming a very daunting task. So i had a nice farewell at work, stretched over a period of 3 was showered with lots of presents for baby and ME. By the end of my last day @ work i was actually feeling a little low about leaving after all...
Been home this week, trying to figure out the things i need to take care of before Chottu Singh gets out into the bigger world...but so far have just been bumming around and sleeping loads. I've sort of started to accept the fact that i can't do so many things in the time i used to...mind is always preoccupied with "stuff" and my body gets tired so quick! So i've stopped fighting with myself and now sit down and breathe whenever my body says "you've done enough!" I'd gone out a couple of days back for a leisure walk around the farmers market to buy some fresh food...enjoyed doing things at a laid back pace and not scurrying through as i usually do. Loving all the attention people give you once you have a belly as round and big as mine :o)

Also had my Docs appt earlier this week...he did another quick scan to check baby's size etc. Allz well...and he particularly mentioned that the baby is a Chubby one :o) So i'm happy and anxious at the same time...i want a cutey chubby baby but it'll be me who'll have to do all the hard work very soon! My tummy feels so it can't grow any further, but amazingly it still manages to - everytime!

Prev and i have our Childbirth classes we'll get equipped with all the howz and whyz and what to do during Labour etc....will get equipped just in case we've gotta deliver the baby on our own...GOSH!!!

40 Days to go...


  1. hey Rohini!
    time is encroaching upon you quite quickly! all the best for the next few weeks ahead...i am sure everything will be fine, you are in good hands (make use of Pravesh!)! Rajat gave me your number and i will give you a call later on once things are settled to get more info on all your adventures..
    take care

  2. Thanks Amanda! Things have been smooth uptil now and Prev has been a complete sweetheart! :o)
    Look forward to catching up with you soon.

  3. aww thats great news! i have had the priviledge of being present in the room for my best friends babies birth....happened 2 weeks was amazing...nothing like what u watch on those videos in high school sex ed classes! she had a baby girl - must be the season...all the people i know that are having bubs in June are coincidentally - girls! the water maybe?? :)
    good luck once again...and will hear from rajat for sure when baby comes along!

    take care