Monday, April 27, 2009

...still growing!

27 April

Week 33

I had my 32nd week scan and docs appointment last week on 21st April. Everything went well; naughty little one had its foot in its mouth and was moving around big time! Even the sonographer had a nice time laughing looking at the movements. She measured and checked all that was required and it turns out that our baby has slightly larger head than…just like his dad when he was little. I’m keeping my fingers crossed coz it’ll be me trying to push the Big head out :o) Baby’s estimated weight right now is about 1.9 kilos…so obviously therez still some growing to do. My belly is getting really huge and even more active now, the kicking and turning is so strong…and I’m now conveniently wearing hubby’s comfy PJ’s at home…hummm…I think I should try his denims too!
I’ve come to that stage that people look at my belly and offer me their seats on the tram or just give me way on the I’ve been getting such contradictory opinions on the size of my belly! My gay hairdresser thinks….m gonna “pop” anytime and I’m carrying twins…while a colleague at work says that I haven’t got a big belly yet! Well! me thinks this is as BIG as it should get…honestly I’m now getting a wee bit tired of carrying the extra weight around and my leg cramps are coming back these days. Nights are a little tiresome too since I wake up several times to pee…bladder getting all squished up with the increasing size of the baby….sometimes its just hard to fall back to sleep as I get anxious about the final stage! It’s not all that hard though…it’s my last week at work and I’m really looking forward to having some time to myself doing things I haven’t had time to do in a long time and then spending some time with soon to be Naana-Naani. I’m still enjoying the process and looking forward to life taking a complete turn!

51 days to go…

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  1. a big hello to 'chottu singh'..

    sorry baby...but thats your name as of now..and must i my ears it sounds adorable...

    you seem to be doing a great job, kicking with fervour, tossing and turning with zeal :); mommy keeps us updated with everything :P great going kid..

    hey rohini,
    have been following your blog..but am writing in for the first time....hope you are doing well...the pictures of the baby (in the ultrasound) is so amazing to look at...can't wait to see the kid in real...

    wish you well...