Friday, April 17, 2009

Showers of blessings!

17 April (woah! 2 calendar months 2 go!)

Week 32

Well! I meant to write an update a couple of days back but have just been extremely lazy. I know I’m excused…coz “I’m pregnant”…so here is a little tete-e-tete with our little Angel

Dear Little Pea,

You received your first round of blessings at our Baby Shower on Saturday, 11 April 2009. The party more or less a surprise was organised by your dear masis Shruti and Mattu, with lots of assistance from Rajat, Amaan and Junior. And they all did a wonderful job of it, everything was perfectly done – the invites, the decorations, and more importantly the FOOD. Shruti masi home cooked everything and it was delicious. Your mate Aarav was very supporting too and played with everyone without being uncomfy with having so many peole around. He is such a darling little naughty boy…and whether you’re a boy or a girl, I really hope you two get along well and not make things difficult for me and Yes, I’m sort of saying "you my little one, don’t really have a choice."
Mattu masi and Kiran naani sent you some real cute baby stuff and I’m trying not to look at it everyday! Have kept them safely wrapped so you can open them yourself when you’re here…don’t worry there will be lotsa volunteers to help you unwrap and get on with all your gifts. I wish we were the same…then I could wear some of the really cute ones before you popped out :o) But don’t you worry bachaaa…once you’re all grown up your mommie is going to be sharing your clothes (hopefully, if I don’t get too FAT).
We played lots of interesting games and Mattu and Sunny stayed online throughout joining in all the fun. Your dear dad gave my belly some serious competition with a balloon baby stuffed in his shirt! Even though, there was tussle for choosing the party favours – bookmarks handmade by Mattu, I manged to keep one for you too. You’ll find it in your baby book and make sure you pick up my reading habits and not dads :o) There are lots of nice messages for us three from everyone, awaiting you to read them!
Mattu masi even made a real nice video for everyone to watch…so I’ve finalised that she has to be Ms Raju Photographer for all your important events. And don’t worry we won’t take any pics of you being born, I know being my baby you would want to be clean and dressed up for the shot :o) After all first impressions matter!!
We all had such a good time and I’m sure you enjoyed everything on the table coz I made sure you got plenty of helpings :o)
Thanks Chottu Singh for bringing so much joy and excitement in our lives…I’m glowing and growing because of you!

Unconditional love
Your whole world…well! at least for now :o)

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  1. love you chootu mootu (masi's new name for you, little one)
    masi & masarji send unconditional love and all the blessings in the world for you :) eagerly waiting to see you, hold you, spoil you & teach you loads of naughty things! (to trouble mommy & daddy) :D
    huggies & kissies