Friday, March 27, 2009

FINAL trimester already!!

27 March

Week 29

Feels like I haven’t written an update for ages….hummm..actually has been a month! Well! Off late I just sleep or daydream every time I get some free time :o) I’m totally loving being pregnant :o)
Been growing at a constant pace….about 8 kgs heavier than what I started off 6.5 mths ago….no wonder I need some assistance getting outta bed in the mornings!! At work I’ve got a new nickname – “waddler”, I just waddle now…can’t walk!
Had my doctor’s appointment yesterday, got to see our little one moving and kicking. All measurements are about right and the doctor said that it is very likely that I’ll go up till full term – 40 weeks or perhaps even slightly over. Results from my blood tests were also ready and to my relief blood sugar test was normal so no gestational diabetes (thank god! I would just go crazy sticking to a diet chart!) BUT my Haemoglobin levels are slightly low…so now I’ve got to jack up the iron intake. So Doc has put me onto added supplements. I guess the low Hb levels explain why lately I’ve been feeling so low in energy and sort of weak. Infact had quite a dizzy spell in the supermarket a few weeks back but was glad I wasn’t by myself. Hubby dear has stopped all my wandering out “alone” time and makes sure I have company every time I’m stepping out…well at least he tries (wink-wink).
Apart from that I’m trying to get as much rest as I can over the weekends as very soon I won’t have a routine of my own and will be dictated by the baby’s needs and wants! Both of us have also started to look at “things to buy” and researching and comparing etc….its a BIG overwhelming world of baby products and involves lotsa small but important decisions. Luckily for us, we’ve got Shruti…who has recently been here and done that :o) She is my “Baby Google”!
Also Ma-Pa’s travel plans are taking shape now…awaiting their visas and they should be here by mid-May…just can’t wait to have them over to pamper me ;o)

Next scan due in 3 weeks time…until then I’m just going to watch my tummy ripple!


  1. Maasi's orders: Lots of rest, sleep, pampering, healthy food, iron intake, no waddling alone (I am with Mamu on this one ;) ) and relaxing my dear sis!! :)
    Take it easy and continue getting pampered :)
    Massssssssssssssi 2 B :D

  2. Why are you sooooooooo far away!! You're escaping all the "pampering" i would have made you
    Miss ya!

  3. I so wish i was near by too sis... but i'll be there soon :D