Friday, February 27, 2009

Yummie Mummie

27 February 2009

Week 25

I had my doc's appointment yesterday and everything seems to be progressing well! To our surprise the doc did a scan and we got to see Chhotuu kicking around...and i could feel it at the same time as well this time around :o) Apparently the more active the baby is the better. So eventhough the movements 24-7 are not THAT thrilling anymore, i'm still glad to have them! Bee Pee-shee peee all good...belly growing round and round...have my blood sugar test in 3 weeks to check for gestational diabetes.

I've always been big on food but these days i'm either eating, planning what to eat or dreaming of i hope the golu-molu belly @ the moment is coz of a golu-molu baby inside and not just coz of all the yummie food i've been eating! I've put on a little over 3 Kilos in the last month and it sure looks more than that!
Saw a cute little baby gurl in a red n white frilly bummy frock with her mum in the park today at lunch time....can't wait to have my little one and go for long walks :o) Sweetheart whether you're a Girl or Boy...Mattu masi has decided that you'll have to wear a frock anyways!


  1. haha... i love it! :) Mattu Masi is going be there soon armed with a frock kiddo, and we both are going to go out for long walks and city tours! :D
    I am sure the guglu puglu is growing round cutie pie cheekies :o)
    can't wait to meet you little one!
    love & hugs
    maaaaaaaaaaseeeee :)

  2. haha cant imagine a little boy wearing a frock! just imagine the story-telling when he gets older - to his friends and possibly his wife!