Monday, February 23, 2009

Chhotuu Singh now lives in a BIG BUMP

Week 24

23 February 2009

The Sixth month has crept in and the “fluttering” has ceased and full-on “kicking” has started! I don’t know what Chhotuu Singh is doing in the little space inside but surely there is a lot of gymnastics going on in there! And yes, Chhotuu Singh is our current fav nickname for lil pea…and in no way does it indicate surety of the baby being a Singh and not a Kaur. I just think Chhotuu Singh is cuter than Chhotee Kaur :o)
It’s like our daily showtime routine…the movements are so pronounced now that you can see my belly move in all possible directions with all the nudging and the kicking inside…leave alone feeling it you can SEE it now. And it makes things even more exciting!
But strangely for the past few days I’ve been feeling a little low and anxious and hummmmm…just really bored with everything! Preggy hormones I blame. So this weekend I thought I’ll do a lot of reading and relaxing…started with my bible for these 9 moths – “What to expect when you’re expecting” and there it was on the beginning of the Sixth month page – “a feeling of being bored with your pregnancy” and “feeling anxious about the future”. Thanks God! And I was thinking I was being very unmotherly..hah!!
My Bump is getting bumpier with each passing day as our dear little baby is growing big cheeks…or so I hope. I get friends and colleagues rubbing my belly and talking about how I’m feeling, what I’m planning etc etc. I guess it’s hard for everyone not to mention the bump while having a conversation with me since my bump is so out there now!
Sleeping isn’t much of an issue yet but turning is…so I find myself sleeping in the same position all night at times. The occasional leg cramps are not pleasant early in the mornings…when I wake up screaming with pain and hubby dear –half asleep- starts to rub the wrong leg…lol…
And as far as cravings go...hummmmm…feels more like Prev is ahead of me in that department. Just yesterday he had a sudden craving for some Gelato right before dinner time…and ofcourse! Like a good wifey I took him out for some. After all we’re both pregnant and in this together...aren’t we?


  1. haha... i simply love Mamu's craving needs... keep it up Mamu :o)
    and even i want to rub the baby belly... please rub it from Maaasi's side :D
    and yes, my money is on the baby is growing chubbier - cutie pie cheekies :o)
    love & hugs

  2. The dad has more cravings than the mother, like playing a game of cards (rummy) at 11 in the night.... :)

  3. Guys! he is just being a very "involved" daddy :o)