Friday, January 30, 2009

Half-way there already!!

Week 20

30 January 2009

So like always I was a little anxious before my ultrasound and excited as well to have another chance at looking at our lil one!
Finally got to the ultrasound “chamber” after having to wait for over an hour…things were running late and it was 43 degrees outside (not that I had 2 sit outside and wait in the heat)…and at that point I just wanted to get over with it.
Before we started we made it clear to the doc that we weren’t interested to find out the gender of our baby, so she doesn’t blurt it out by mistake :o) It was a decision that somehow Prev convinced me to make and I’m glad I did. Now I guess we can all play the guessing game. So anyways…she moved the scanner on my “growing” big round tummy and located the head first. Pea dear was lying with his head towards the bottom-right and legs up towards my navel :o) The scan was quite thorough and we saw every part of the body – face (honestly looked a bit scary with the skeleton showing..hahaha..), hands that were moving constantly…covering the face, abdomen – lungs, kidney, legs and extremely cute feet. Then moved on to the heart and the doc pointed out the 4 chambers for us…it was amazing how we could see (and feel) the heartbeat. It was beautiful. The doc had some trouble checking the heart function as our dear little one had decided to turn over and was now lying face-down on his belly..hahaha…like his dad loves to :o)

So all in all..everything is good except that I have a low lying placenta at the moment, 0.5 cm lower than where it should be. But Dr Pillay assured me that it ain’t a big issue and should move up as the uterus expands. So I guess my focus for the next few days is to urge my uterus to expand… Next ultrasound update will be at 32 weeks. For now I’m posting a very cute Hand and Feet image from the ultrasound. Watch out for the video – I’ll post the interesting bits :o)

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  1. Little pea is waving at all of us.... adorable :) Love u!
    hugs & kisses
    Masiiiiiiiiiiiiii :D