Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To look or not to look pregnant...that is the BIG question!!

Week 18

13th January 2009

Finally managed to drag myself outta bed this morning (after snoozing my alarm 10 or more times)! Feels like i can go on sleeping forever these days. Felt happy to see a nice sunny day outside...Australian summers though a little late are finally here :o)! Was going to be over 35 degrees so i decided to wear a nice summer dress. Had been looking forward to wearing this lovely one I'd picked from India. BUT there i was standing in front of the mirror going "man i look so pregnant!" and went back to fishing my wardrobe for more clothes! I realise just a few months back i was so looking forward to looking pregnant and showing off my bump, and now that the bump is getting bumpier and i do fit into the "preggy look" category...hummm....i'm changing my mind! But i guess women are allowed to change their minds all the time and especially the pregnant kinds. I miss fitting into my old clothes...

So in the end i did manage to find a skirt that hides my bump pretty well but then maybe I'll go back to my "look pregnant" mode tomorrow. Who knows!!


  1. awww.... u poor thing, hope u get to snooze a little extra over the coming weekend ;)
    and M2B... you make a hot mama! so don't worry about showing... i can just imagine, you must look absolutely adorable in it :) enjoy the preg look... it's only for a short time... enjoy being pampered and all the special treatment :o)
    Masi2B is looking fwd to see some pics!
    muah muah...

  2. time to update your blog sis :D
    muah muah!