Tuesday, January 20, 2009

…and then the Butterfly fluttered…

Week 19

20th January 2009

Monday 10:50 am
So here I am sitting at my work desk, munching on cereal, feeling extremely sleepy and wondering how I’ll manage to get through this Mellow Monday (but looking extremely busy collating a document on-screen at the same time - hah!) I put down my bowl full of Kelloggs Special K (yeah…right…as if losing weight will happen now!) …I felt a flutter in my tummy and I’m positive it was our little one. I wait a few seconds and there goes another brief one…and then another one! So FINALLY I think I felt the baby :o) …it felt like a small butterfly fluttering inside…felt good but a little strange at the same time!

So I’ve been trying to watch out for more movements but nothing after that…I guess I’ll give the baby some more time to grow!...and like the other Mums tell me, I won’t be enjoying the kicks and the jumps too much in days to come!

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  1. love the new blog look :) even i have this background saved ;)
    and Congratulations on the first Butterfly flutter sis!