Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Pea's journey so far...

Huh-well! Now that we have our little bub in the incubator, and i'd already started to write a diary for the lil one to read once he can but i thought why not share my experience with ye'all, and what better way than a blog! Waissey, bhee i've been asked by too many people, "how come you don't have a blog yet?!" So here it goes...

Just to update those who still don't know what i'm talking about - Much to our delight, on 9th October 2008, Pravesh and i discovered that we were expecting. The seed had been sown and now the pea was in its pod (ouchhhhh....please excuse my sense of humour, that was meant to be funny not poetical)! And the exciting journey began for us...a lot of questions, excitement, anxiousness, the whole package.

9th October 2008
5:45 am – Woke up 2 hours early as I was too anxious to do the home pregnancy test. Pravesh is such a darling...he went down to the supermarket last night and got me one on his own :o) All set to pee on the stick but I sit up for a second to make sure I’m fully awake and all senses are working fine. Somehow even before taking the test I was quite sure of the result this time! Mothers intuition maybe…
So I almost screamed when I saw the result!! Now...don't ask me-how loud??! The test screen said “Pregnant” instantly. I shut my eyes and thanked God and then shared the news with Prev. He was sitting and timing…waiting for 3 min (like the instructions on the test said)..and at first thought I was only kidding but gave me a BIG HUG when he saw the result on the stick in my hand. “ we did it…we made a baby” were the first words we said. CONGRATULATIONS!!

I felt a little relieved…very happy and excited and couldn’t help but think of the days to come…I kept repeating in my head…WE ARE PREGNANT! Prev was really happy too… and actually had a glow on his face…to think that only preg women could have that glow!!

I had to share the happy news with someone but didn’t want to tell Ma just yet…wanted the doc to confirm first! Didn’t want Ma to get excited over nothing. So I talked prev into calling Mattu…I HAD to tell her. As expected Mattu Masi received the news with a happy-excied yelp and was so so so excited. It took her a minute to finalise that she’ll be over next Dec to spend time with the baby. And also before that will make sure I eat right during our trip to Egypt. Both of us can’t wait to meet half way across for our Egypt holiday in Dec!

10th October 2008

I had my first doc-GP appointment today with Dr. L Sweeny. Felt a little nervous and anxious all day before the appointment. It turned out that I didn’t need another test to confirm and the home test was good enough!! My first thought was… “Excellent! Now I can tell everyone”. But Prev was confused, still wasn’t quite sure if this was it or we needed another confirmation before we tell the world! My due date is 6th June and I was in my 6th week. I got referred to a Obstetrician and booked myself in for 28 Oct and booked the delivery hospital as well – Freemasons. Got back to work but needless to say just couldn’t concentrate.
I took another home test at Prev’s insistence and offcourse I was STILL pregnant :o) Rajat was the next to know…I simply showed him the stick and his first words were: “Congratulations Mamiji-Mamji! But now you won’t be drinking”….rajat..rajat…rajat…
It was finally time to call Ma and I was so excited…so wish I could tell her in person and give her a tight hug…the phone will have to make do for now! Pravesh and I decided to record our conversations with our parents…just for memory sake. Ma I think didn’t entirely understand at first….but then she realised I was serious about her becoming a Naani :o) She blessed me and pravesh and was so happy that couldn’t speak for a few secs..had no words to express how happy she was. I miss you ma…
Pappa was at work and when we told him he said “God bless you both! You’ve made my day! Now you must take good care of yourself” He was obviously very happy…and was going to call Ma straightaway.

Next it was Mummy’s turn (dadiiji)…she too was “relieved” and said “ yehh tou bahut achee news sunaii tummney”. I told her to make some parshaad on our behalf to celebrate.
Daddy seemed to be busy and didn’t answer his phone…maybe he was out testing the Ships…so we didn’t get to talk to him until the next day.

Finally, I went down to tell the rest of the gang – Amaan, Shruti, Junior, Vaibhav, Shruti’s mum and offcourse…Aarav :o) The news followed lots of hugs and everyone felt happy for us! I thanked Aarav for bringing me good news and also a playmate for himself. In the evening we all went out to celebrate…and offcourse! I had to be the designated driver :o)

7th week

13 October 2008
For the first time today I felt a bit queasy at work…wanted to have Candy all day!

14 October 2008
Felt perfectly fine and active today. Had a buzy day at work and life felt a bit back to normal after all the excitement! Have had no food aversions or cravings so far….

8th Week
20th October 2008

I managed to keep Karvachauth without any major issues! I’m kinda looking forward to looking pregnant :o) So far I feel and look the same…no BIG changes so far.

Sometimes I feel like having twins…double the fun. Then Pravesh and I will have one each to take care of…NICE!

26 October
Spent the Sunday doing nothing but bumming around and sleeping after a very long time….i think the extra sleepiness is coz of my little bub but prev doesn’t agree! He feels that I now just have a reason to blame all my extra sleep habits on..hahaha…
Have been a feeling a little anxious as well for my first Obs appt on Tuesday…started making a list of things I need clarified…

9th week
28 October 2008
It’s here!! Diwali…ahh yesss…that and more imp my docs appt today at 3:30. Spent the whole day at work feeling very anxious and a little nervous about don’t know what!! Prev and I reached the docs office to find out he was running late due to an emergency…so waited for about an hour before I finally met him! Spent time browsing through Pregnancy and baby magazines…surprisingly Dad 2 B was showing great interest in products available :o)

So the appointment started with the routine questions and then it was time for my very First scan. In a few secs…the doc had our little one on screen…I couldn’t see from the position I was in but watched Prev as Pregs pointed out where the baby was. He confirmed we were having just one baby and not twins as we would’ve liked to :o) he turned the screen around and I could see a little throbbing spot inside a bag!! How incredible…though couldn’t make out any details yet as the bub was too small. And then he turned the sound on and we got to hear the heartbeat we had created :o) We felt great and really excited….the heart beat was so quick…thump-thump-thump. Pregs said his heartbeat rate was normal, have forgotten what figure he gave me!
And then he made a face and said “the baby is smaller than he should be”…my excitement drained out for a few seconds...wasn’t sure what he meant, felt confused. I could make out Prev felt a little nervous too! But he soon clarified that it only means that I conceived later than what the general dates were and I was 2 weeks behind...haha…so this was my 7 week running and not the 9th week. I felt kind of relieved but a little disappointed as I’ll have to rewind and move to week 7 week mode. So the new due date is 17th June :o) Prev is asking me in his head to hold the baby in for a few days – so he is a Cancerian! Well! Hun I’ll try my best.

As for Diwali…I was exhausted after coming home and calling everyone to update and wish them as well that I fell off to sleep!! But woke up and did pooja, lit a lot of candles and cooked matter-paneer and pooris.

Back to 7 weeks

29 October
Have been feeling very exhausted also was extremely busy. And for some reason the thought about miscarraiges keeps coming back in my head. Everyone talks about it and even the doc mentioned it…its kind of stressing me out and I’m trying not to think about it. I know with God’s grace and everyone’s prayers things will go great.

Week 9
10 November
I looked pregnant to myself today :o) Wore a dress and you could actually see a lil bump….hahaha…surely can’t be the baby..hez only about 2cm…I’m just getting FAT :o) Been walking around the shops…such nice summer dresses but I can’t buy any coz I won’t fit in them very soon…so just to console myself I bought a new pair of shoes!! Hah….atleast I can STILL buy shoes…flats heee saheee…

12 November
Bass have been very anxious about going home to India this week. Started bit of packing over the weekend which hopefully we’ll finish by tomorrow as we leave day after! Waiting to give Naani 2 B a BIG huggy!
Prev treated me to Chaat-papdi and hot samosaas last evening on our way back home at Flora cafĂ©….enjoyed everybite. I’d been craving for Chaat Papadi for the past few days…although this was no match to the Krishna Chaat in chd but will make do for now….not long to go :o)

Week 13 - India

12 December
Have been travelling all over Chd-Mumbai and contrary to the general belief have kept quite ok with all the bumpy rides. Have been in all modes of transportation - aiplanes, buses, cars, autos...bass cycle hee reh gayeee! As always trip has been fun but quite tiring, I get so sleepy these days that I usually just doze off even if someone is talking to me when I’m too exhausted!

Had my first external ultrasound today, was feeling quite anxious all morning…a little bit nervous…I hope all is ok. It’s a strange feeling…you know you are pregnant but it's not really showing yet and in my case I wasn’t getting any of the symptoms as well…so I was a little concerened whether or not the baby is still there. (hahaha…)
Ma and Pravesh accompanied me to the Radiologist in the morning and the lady Dr Rana was quite nice. I lied down and the scanner was moved around on my tummy….the first 5 min were stressful!! I had the doc, prev and Ma staring into the monitor without any expressions or saying anything. I got so concerned….wanted to ask them if all was ok but I kept shut for a bit. But couldn’t hold after another few minutes had passed, but I guess prev realised I must be frantic by now and finally looked at me with a reassuring smile! And soon the doc spoke up and said "baby looks ok, I just need you to go pee so you have more space for the uterus." So I did. Once I was back the scan started again and I could see smiles all around in the room, our little pea had more room to move around and everyone could watch him move very actively. Finally, the doc turned the monitor for me to see as well….and I didn’t believe I was looking a full profile of my lil one…he even moved his arm to wave at me “Hiye! Mommy” :o) I love you baby.

14 December
I’m so relieved everything in the scan was normal and I’m now sorta free to share the good news with everyone…yipppeeee…. All the attention and pampering is always good to have.

Week 17 – Australia

6 Jan 2009
We’re back from our Indian-Egyptian adventure and settling in with our regular routine. I’ve got a bump now…won’t call it little any longer..i think I do look pregnant now! So far pregnancy has treated me well….i’ve just had bouts of sleepiness and back aches. Particularly in the mornings when I move outta bed…my back is sorta jammed! Had my Docs appt today since I hadn’t seen him evrsince the 1st appt…but Pregs was off on leave so I met his substitute who was quite nice as well. Checked my weight (only 1 kg gain), Baby’s heartbeat, BP etc was all normal. Now I’m scheduled for my 20th week ultrasound due on 29th Jan and I’ll have the option of finding out the gender of our baby. Strangely enough I don’t think I want to find out any longer!! Maybe Prev not wanting to know has affected me a little or maybe I would just like to keep the excitement for a little longer. I’m not sure…maybe I’ll leave the decision until the last minute! You know I can and I am quite impulsive :o)


  1. I simply love this, I am so glad you have a blog :D Love you both for giving us a niece/nephew ... i am so excited and happy and when ever i think about you guys and the pea... i am always smiling (ear to ear) and i think i might be glowing too... so you can add... mothers used to glow... dad's glow and now masi's glow too ;) he he
    Love you M2B & D2B... i have my countdown widget in place and Motu Masi is eagerly waiting to come and play with and pamper the little one :)

  2. Good on you guys for doing this! Your baby will look back at this and feel so very special.....! I wonder what he/she will call me though?? I would like a special name as well like you've got(Machi)!!

  3. Macha or Chama... Aman? :o)

    Like the new add on's Bebe!

  4. Dear Rohini,

    What a fabulous gift to give your child. He/She is going to thank you for it in years to come :))

    It reads well and I cannot wait for the next update heheheh ..

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