Monday, June 8, 2009

Almost there - maybe

8 June

Week 38

Woah!! it surely has been a long time since i posted an update! I've been so involved with spending time with ME and then Ma and Pa. Yepp! Naanu-Naani have been here for 2 weeks :o) Having such a great time showing them around....thanks to you my lil pea for behaving yourself and taking a back seat while i've been taking them around. It really does seem like you've given me some extra time so i can aaaraam sey spend some quality time with them before you get here and rustle things up! Movements have changed and range from small wiggles to big nudges...the head remains in position to launch ;o)

Doc appointments have been weekly and all baby measurements and scans are perfect...just little bit of water retention in my hands every morning, which sort of eases out during the day. Pregs, my doc did tease me last time saying that the "flavour of the month" seems to be induction, as he'd already induced about 4-5 first time i might go the same way! Well! if i do go over...Dad 2 B is going to be thrilled as then he'll get to share his star sign with his baby frankly i don't mind that either!

Until next time its - wait and watch -

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